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American Treasures from the New Zealand Film Archive and on the cover is Mabel Normand "Won In A Closet” (Jan 1914) seen it loved it!




Won in a Cupboard (1914), the first surviving film directed by and starring Mabel Normand


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In William Sherman’s “Mabel Normand Source Book”, 6th edition, it is listed as a January 1914 release. 



1 reel, rel: Jan. 22, 1914

The Rube

dir. Mabel Normand

cast:  Mabel Normand, Harry McCoy, Edgar Kennedy, Alice Davenport, Hank Mann, Nick Cogley

finished:  12/30/1913

In “Mack Sennett’s Fun Factory” by Brent Walker in the Mack Sennett Filmography is the following:  “Won in a Closet (January 22, 1914 – 1 reel (940/1025 ft.) D. Mabel Normand. C.: Mabel Normand (Mabel) WT: The Rube….filmed December 9-20, 1913. Finished/Shipped December 30, 1913, Received in New York January 6, 1914.”


It was advertised in newspapers including 2 examples one in February 1914 another in May 1914


A DVD – 198 min (3 ¼ hours) with booklet (56 pages)

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