Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

November 8, 2015

One of the fabulous things I am finding while reading the Goldwyn Studio newsletter is the production details who was; the editor, set designer, and shipping date, etc. UPSTAIRS is one of the missing Mabel Normand movies, so we are dependent on the photos and press releases but in-house information is nice to have. 





The Studio Skeleton

Goldwyn Pictures

July 12, 1919


The negative of this production – (UPSTAIRS), has been shipped (July 12, 1919) to the New York office in high hope that the opinion of the Studio will be confirmed by Goldwyn’s august executives in the Eastern metropolis.  We know that our adorable MABEL NORMAND has never been seen to more splendid advantage, nor has she ever before neither sparkled so spontaneously nor been caught by the camera in more lovely aspects.


There is no mystery in this, no need to ask the reason why.  VICTOR SCHERTZINGER directed “UPSTAIRS” assisted by WYATT L. BRUSTER, with GEORGE WEBBER at the camera, the story being arranged for the screen by ROBERT F. HILL from the All-Story Magazine tale by PERLEY POORE SHEEHAN.


The cutting was in the hands of JACK DENNIS, while the art lettering was accomplished by J. C. DUNNING and his corps, including R. COLYAR, J. W. ROBSON and his staff of penmen – A. T. WESTON, N. L. HAYES, R. J. MAMMES, P. GRIMM, C. NAASSON, E. SMYTHE, with H. HARRISON at the camera.


Altogether The Skeleton – and we speak for the entire Studio – thinks “UNSTAIRS” is a rollicking festival of fun and predicts that MABEL NORMAND and her aides will be responsible for a landslide of laughter when “UPSTAIRS” is released August 3.