Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

1919 Aug 10 Washington Herald

Washington Herald, Washington DC, August 10, 1919


Transcribed by

Marilyn Slater

“Looking for Mabel”

March 20, 2011




Crandall's Metropolitan Theater, beginning today, will offer a distinct novelty in conjunction with first Washington' presentations of "Upstairs," starring Mabel Normand.

Victor L. Schertzinger, who directed Miss Normand's newest picture, began his career before the public as a musician. The experience thus gained proved invaluable in filming the rag-time romance in which the screen's leading comedienne will be seen at both Crandall's Metropolitan and Knickerbocker today, for during many scenes the hotel slavery, restricted to the basement floors of a fashionable hostelry, stops her work to dance to the raggy strains of a peppery jazz band on the upper levels.

The Metropolitan symphony-orchestra, composed of twenty-five solo artists, has been rehearsing for a week on one of the most remarkable jazz, scores ever arranged for the accompaniment of a photo dramatic entertainment. Not only has a wonderfully effective score of syncopated melodies been perfectly synchronized with the scenes in the fast-moving farce, but a special overture of brand-new "blues" has been devised to add a further note of originality to one of the unique camera pastimes of the decade.

The Metropolitan orchestra today will be under the direction of Jesse Heitmuller.