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This is a little off topic but I like the whole Ince family (Mabel worked with Ralph Ince and used Tom Ince's locations with Mack Sennett for Keystone comedies).



December 8, 2012


Book Signing December 8, 2012 of Brian Taves’



There was a book signing held at the Culver City Historical Society at 4117 Overland Avenue, which is kitty-corner from Sony Studios, but you may know it as MGM or perhaps the Ince/Triangle Studio.  What I think of as Ince Studio is the one on Washington Avenue around the corner, and the author, the film archivist Brian Taves, thinks so too


As part of the presentation Brian showed a brilliantly restored tour of THE Ince Studio from 1920. He gave a delightful photo slide show and told stories from his book. It is a swell book and of course, the Q&A was just as it should be; after all, the author is from the Library of Congress, with a PhD from USC.  Did you know the Ince was a theosophist?


There was a goodly number of silent film historians, Tom Ince fans, members of the CCHS in the audience even some Ince family. A delightful occasion


Here is a picture of the Ince Studio in Culver City (it is around the corner from MGM) Brain Travs is standing inside Thomas Inca’s own office, it still survives after all these years, amazing since his death in 1924 the studio has had a succession of owners. Ince designed his office in 1918 to resemble a 19th century sailing ship; he loved the sea and had his own racing yacht. 










Brian suspects that if Tom put together a scrapbook, he'd have labeled this, "here I am getting fleeced."



and a little more

It is good to have the recommendation of the family, as they are very aware of the heritage.  The material that Elinor Ince’s, Tom’s wife donated to the Library of Congress definitely found a good home in Brian Taves’ book  - Marilyn



from: Jack Ince (Ralph’s son-Tom's brother)

I would forward this to Nancy (Tom Ince’s granddaughter), but I think she only uses a computer for the horse farm, however I will print I out and enclose it in her Christmas card.

from: Stephanie Ince (William’s daughter-Tom's son)

VERY sorry not to have been there!  It is a lovely book, I read it at one sitting.  Thank you so much for writing it and for consulting with my cousin Nancy, who knows the most.  I was very close to my grandmother and she would have appreciated your (Brian Taves) work so much.

from Brian Taves:

“Thanks to Marilyn Slater of the Looking for Mabel (Normand) website, for a wonderful illustrated recapitulation of my Thomas Ince presentation at the Culver City Historical Society yesterday, along with some more kind words from Ince family members, I especially like the way Marilyn photoshopped my book into Thomas Ince’s hands.

 and Brian later:

“Hi Marilyn, Thanks for creating delightful webpage, and being in touch with Stephanie!  You'll see I put it on my FB.  Where did you get the pic of Ince and the First Natl execs? I suspect had Tom put together a scrapbook, he'd have labeled this, "here I am getting fleeced."  Wish I'd had it--I'd have tried to include that in the book.  Best, Brian