Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand





4th  film


Copyright: November 11, 1926, Hal Roach-Pathe, 3 reels


Release date: December 5, 1926


Director: Hal Yates


Photography: Floyd Jackson


Edited by: Richard Currier


Titles: H.M. Walker


Costumes: Will Lambert


Cast: Mabel Normand, Gertrude Astor, Boris Karloff, Oliver Hardy, Theodore von Eltz, Michael Visaroff, Margaret Seddon, Jimmy Harrison, Hammond Holt, J. Farrell McDonald, James Finlayson


Location: Roach Studio, Culver City, California



Plot: Mabel works as a taxi dancer to support the family for her good-for-nothing father.  Father chases the rich hero (Theodore von Eltz) who marries Mabel.


Comments: The Nickel Hopper reflects Mabel’s own era, the roaring twenties!  Here in the Jazz Age with the music she loved she plays an openly sexual dance hall flapper -- though perhaps not so provocatively as Clara Bow.  Others in the dance hall will soon be familiar faces: Boris Karloff, the masher, and Oliver Hardy, the mad drummer, will both go on to prominence.



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