Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

 Yesterday, (April 26, 2013) I received a message from William Sherman that he was uploading a copy of “Tess of the Storm Country” to YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LJTF5aO3yg

 …and as I had recently posted a little about Harold Lockwood, he wanted me to know where I could see him… I wish the print was better but …1914 was a long time ago…

Did you know that on the Monument in Beverly Hills honoring the founders of the city is Mary Pickford as Tess of the Storm Country at the intersection of Olympic and Beverly Drive?  Before I retired I went by it twice a day and I never stopped to view it! 





The film founders of Beverly Hills monument includes: Mary Pickford – Douglas Fairbanks – Will Rogers - Conrad Nagel - Rudolph Valentino – Fred Niblo – Tom Mix – Harold Lloyd and there is a small plaque on the site also lists Jack Benny, Buddy Rogers and Louis B. Mayer….on the sidewalk it reads…

”In tribute to those celebrities of the motion picture industry…who worked so valiantly for the preservation of Beverly Hills as a separate municipality”

The back-story of the monument is a little community "politicie” …here goes, Los Angeles wanted to incorporate Beverly Hills into the City of Los Angeles as it had done Hollywood but these movie people crusaded to keep it independent (and WON)  That was back in 1923 but this monument was put up in 1959.  It just sits there in the middle of the street on an island as the people of Beverly Hills just drive back and forth…we see it but don’t see it.