Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

1918 June The Photo-Play World page 18-19


When Pal Meets


Pal with Net




The score was “Forty-Love”

But with Edna Purviance and

Minnie Mai the Love is all for

the Game.













Mabel and Tennis



…Beauty may be developed physically, mentally and scientifically.

You may develop clear complexion, lustrous eyes, healthy condition of the hair and symmetry of physique by exercise: walking, golfing, swimming, dancing, riding horseback, playing tennis. My favorite exercise is swimming; next to that dancing. I believe that both forms of exercise are particularly good for the body. They increase flexibility, develop symmetry and grace, impart the color, the glow and the alertness that are the high notes of youth.

          Above all, EXERCISE.

 Movie Weekly, March 4, 1922


          There is also a physical side to personality. The way you walk and gesture is a part of it. Therefore, as with beauty, exercise is important. Not only important in developing bodily grace, but in developing the self-confidence and assurance that the athlete invariably has. Learn to dance, skate, swim, ride horseback, drive a car, play tennis and golf. You will be re­quired to do many of these things in pictures, so you are not wasting time by any means. Knowing how to do things is a distinct personality asset.

Movie Weekly, March 11, 1922


          One need not interview Miss Normand. She interviews herself. One merely listens, intrigued by her boundless interest in even the most minor things, and her vast healthy enthusiasms or her hobbies. She has won two tennis championships in California. She dotes on skiing. Baseball was mentioned. Buffalo Courier, May 12, 1924