Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

Bruce Long found that the Bootlegger at 8th & Market in San Diego serves a drink; hold for the name, really – THE STRANGE DEATH OF WILLIAM DESMOND TAYLOR. 

It combines: Gin/Lemon/Raspberries/Champagne. 

The Bootlegger describes itself as “your best friend’s living room and a 1920 speakeasy




 I think we are ready for a MABEL NORMAND – “Keystone sugared grapefruit” or ?


Photoplay, June 1915  from “Impressions” by Julian Johnson                      

Mabel Normand: a kiss that explodes in a laugh;

cherry bon-bons in a clown's cap;

sharing a cream puff from your best girl;

 a slap from a perfumed hand;

the sugar on the Keystone grapefruit.


Marilyn Slater


May 16, 2014