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Mabel Normand:

A Source Book To Her Life and Films

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William Thomas Sherman

revised 2005 edition




William Thomas Sherman has given us all a wonderful gift!  His terrific Mabel Normand Source Book is available FREE.  This is an important research tool in the study of Mabel Normand and her films. The 4th revised edition of the Mabel Normand Source Book has been made possible through the generous volunteering of "Mabelite" Leslie Evans, who transcribed some "new" articles and a handful of short poems Mabel wrote in her last years have also been added. The book is over 350 pages of data: insightful essays; transcriptions of newspaper and magazine articles; tons of factual information, so will load slowly but well worth the wait. 

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If you have a problem viewing the book, contact me at marilynslater@hotmail.com

   The following individuals either directly or indirectly were of great assistance: Bruce Long, Joe Moore, Marilyn Slater, Jack Hardy, Don Schneider, Sam Gill, Dave Thomas Films, Karyn Lamborn, Jack Thiem, Anthony Slide, William Meyer, David Shepard, George Katchmer, Sam Rubin, Sue Laimans, Anita Garvin Stanley, Joe Adamson, Randy Miller, Eric Stogo, R. E. Braff, Ned Comstock, David Shephard, Robert Birchard, Robert Gitt, Steve Rydzewski, Stephanie Ogle, Don Metcalf, Robb Farr, Chester Clarke, Kenneth Garvick, George and Rebecca Latsios, William Drew, Chris Snowden, Len Corneto, Anthony N. Susnick, Arnie Berstein, Leslie Evans, and Stephen Normand. Also thanks to the staffs of the Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their help with the Mack Sennett papers; the University of Southern California Library, Special Collections, for their help with the King Vidor and Hal Roach papers, and MGM Archives; the staffs at the Library of Congress, Media Collections; the Downtown Los Angeles Public Library, The Los Angeles County Law Library, The General Research Library of University of California at Los Angeles; American Film Institute Library and the Hollywood Museum.







Starring : Roscoe Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Harold Lloyd and others.

Restoration Director : Paul E. Gierucki

Executive Producer : William Hunt

Produced by: Laughsmith Entertainment, Inc.


The Forgotten Films of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle contains 32 classic silent and sound comedies directed by and starring master filmmaker Roscoe Arbuckle.

The "Prince of Whales" is also joined by some of the silver screen's most legendary stars including Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Harold Lloyd, Ford Sterling, Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valentino, child star Jackie Coogan, and some unjustly forgotten comic luminaries like Al St. John, Mack Swain, Edgar Kennedy, Charley Chase, Monty Banks, Lloyd Hamilton, Lupino Lane and, of course, Arbuckle's multi-talented canine companion Luke.

Restored and digitally remastered from original archival materials, or the only known surviving print, each film features completely restored titles, intertitles, and several films include previously lost or alternate footage. Silent titles feature newly created scores from Philip Carli, David Drazin, Ben Model, The Mont Alto Orchestra, The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, Rodney Sauer and Donald Sosin.

The Forgotten Films of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle includes a special 36-page full-color collectors booklet with biographies, restoration notes, reviews and essays.

This 4 DVD set is a long overdue celebration of the life and work of funny man Roscoe Arbuckle.

DVD Features

Disc One
1. Fatty Joins the Force * 1913
2. A Flirt’s Mistake ** 1914
3. The Knockout 1914
4. The Rounders 1914
5. Leading Lizzie Astray ** 1914
6. Mabel and Fatty’s Wash Day 1915
7. Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life 1915
8. Fatty and Mabel At The San Diego Exposition 1915
9. Fatty’s New Role 1915
· Original artwork from animator Tom Bertino

Disc Two
10. Mabel and Fatty’s Married Life 1915
11. Fatty’s Reckless Fling 1915
12. Fatty’s Chance Acquaintance 1915
13. That Little Band Of Gold 1915
14. Fatty’s Faithful Fido 1915
15. When Love Took Wings 1915
16. Wished On Mabel ** 1915
17. Mabel’s Wilful Way 1915
18. Fatty’s Plucky Pup 1915

Disc Three
19. Fatty’s Tintype Tangle 1915
20. He Did and He Didn’t *** 1916
21. He Did and He Didn’t **** 1916
22. The Waiters’ Ball ** 1916
23. Coney Island 1917
24. Love 1919

Disc Four
25. Leap Year ** 1922.
26. Character Studies ** 1925
Arbuckle as director --
27. Curses 1925
28. The Movies 1925
29. My Stars 1926
30. Fool’s Luck 1926
31. Bridge Wives ** 1932
· The Arbuckle Shuffle

* - Two full scores on separate audio tracks
** - Secondary audio commentary track
*** - Fully tinted
**** - Night tinted only

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David Pearson


images of Mabel Normand

 on Merchandise



Personally Signed I Won't Send Roses EP


Special Limited Edition 2006 EP


Price £15.00

Table of Contents & Excerpts

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Vaudeville, burlesque, Shakespeare, baseball—in the course of his career, Ford Sterling performed them all. The well-educated son of a middle-class Chicago family, Sterling succumbed to homesickness and the acting bug, leaving his college career at the age of 18. After trying a variety of performing activities—including working as an aerobatic circus clown—Sterling found his true niche in comedy. Best known for his role as the Keystone Kops villain, Sterling was a comedy legend as great as Charlie Chaplin in the opening decades of the twentieth century. He left his mark on silent film and effortlessly made the transition to sound; becoming one of the most sought-after character actors of the 1920s.

From Many Unhappy Returns to A Dutch Gold Mine, this biography chronicles the life and times of George Ford Stich, Jr. (aka Ford Sterling). It follows Sterling from his childhood to his college days at Notre Dame, where he got his first taste of acting. The main focus of the work is Sterling’s career, from 1911 to 1937, which is unfortunately largely forgotten today. With an emphasis on correcting inaccuracies and restoring Sterling’s legacy, this volume examines his on-screen work, his production ventures, his involvement with the Screen Actors Guild and his final debilitating illness. A detailed filmography provides all known production, cast and crew information as well as a synopsis for each film. The work is also indexed.

About the Author
Wendy Warwick White lives in Youngtown, Arizona. Her articles and photographs have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers.



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 Venice, California:

A Centennial Commemorative

In Postcards 1905-2005


Delores Hanney





The fabulous book on Venice, California: A Centennial Commemorative In Postcards 1905-2005 is very much a Venice Dream.  It was here that so many silent movies were made is available.  

for information on the work of Delores Hanney and her books, she can be contacted at: 




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books, she can be contacted at: 




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As Carolyn See, author of Making a Literary Life said regarding Delores and her terrific postcard adventure into the history of Venice Beach, “With elegance , grace, and charming, self-effacing good taste, Delores Hanney has given us the perfect gift – a window into a time long past, but no less magical for that.”



Delores Hanney's upcoming book on Mabel Normand will bring the poetry of Southern California and the sunny and joyful playfulness of Mabel together through the visions of Delores, just wait and see!

California was always a magnet for dreams and schemes - some brilliant, some bizarre, Abbott Kinney imagined an "elevating" cultural renaissance, then developed Venice of America to bring life to his vision.  It opened on July 4, 1905



Pierre Pageau and Yves Lever have put together the chronology of the cinema of Quebec from 1894 to 2004.  This very useful history is divided into 9 periods and follows the development of the films in a very readable context; year-by-year.  The text is not just for film scholars but the general public can also see the growth of the industry in Quebec in a very excisable format.  The work is in French with an extensive index of films, detailed notes; there are also some lovely and rare illustrations.  If you are interested in ordering CHRONOLOGIE DU CINEMA AU QUEBEC published by Les 400 coups cinema, it is around $25, contact: Librairie Pantoute at http://www.librairiepantoute.com/fichelivre.asp?id=239102

or for information the contact at les 400 coups cinema is: Karine Saint-GVermain, email: ksg400coups@qc.aira.com