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Last night I was at a Tribute to Ray Bradbury at the Venice Beach Historical Society, they showed a film made from “Kaleidoscope” The filmmaker said it was the last project Bradbury worked on.  If you know the story you understand how appropriate it was to show it. Karie Bible & Marc Wanamaker were there as part of the book signing along with Delores Hanney, she wrote a fantastic chapter in her book.  It was done after an interview with Bradbury just before his death, Delores' book was just published.  She was there with a lot of other Venice authors.  Bradbury was a long time member of VHS and as Jim Smith wrote "a Martian and Venetian, a  number of Bradbury's brilliant books/short stories were done while he lived there. The program was held at the 1920s Police Station, now SPARC (Karie posted a picture of herself in one of the jail cell!)   

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August 22, 2012



















Another writer I met was Jim Smith of the Free Venice, Beachhead Collective staff, Jim wrote a moving piece on Ray Bradbury in the July issue of the collective’s paper, he added a wonderful picture of Bradbury from 1963 riding his bike along the Venice Canals.




In Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man” is a story titled “Kaleidoscope.”  Brett Stimely the well respected action actor seen in “WatchmenandTransformers: The Dark of the Moon has adapted it into a 17 minute film working with Quixotic Productions and director, Eric Tozzi, it was completed just before Bradbury’s passing June 5, 2012; the film premiered at the New Media Film Festival on June 12, 2012.

In “Kaleidoscope” Stimely stars as the astronaut, Hollis in a life-threatening situation that leads to a path of self-discovery. As Hollis pulls together the surviving crew of an exploded spaceship cargo carrier. The deeper he digs in the moments before his almost certain death, the greater his risk of discovering what matters. Are memories really worth more than dreams?

In an article found in the PRNewswire, Brett Stimely,; stated that; “when the iconic writer Ray Bradbury saw the film “Ray Bradbury's Kaleidoscope”, he was moved to tears - just like a proud father would be, as he saw his words come to life on the big screen. I was proud to have his blessing on the movie.” "Even though Ray was only in a brief moment of my life, he touched me deeply with his warmth, his kindness and his loving spirit. I shall miss him."