Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand



5th film


Copyright: January 4, 1927, Hal Roach-Pathe, 2 reels


Director: Leo McCarey


Photography: Floyd Jackson


Edited by: Richard Currier


Titles by: H.M. Walker


Written by: Albert Austin and Alfred J. Goulding


Costumes by: Will Lambert


Cast: Mabel Normand, Creighton Hale, Eugene Pallette, Oliver Hardy, Gloria Lee (double for Mabel).


Location: Roach City, Culver City, California


Plot: From the U.S. Copyright Office synopsis, “The boy and girl, both amateur burglars join forces and attend a party in search of some famous jewels.  After pursuing them all evening, they lose out and promise to go straight.  As the boy shakes hands on leaving, a lot of silver falls out of his clothes and they are forced to flee.”


Comments: This is the most unusual of all Mabel’s films because in it she plays a “bad” girl -- a highwaywoman with a gun holding up vehicles early on, a jewel thief as the film progresses.  It is all in fun and enjoyable to see her doing something so different.










 Hal Roach & Mabel Normand






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