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(1920 Goldwyn)


The AFI index plot synopses reads as follows:

When Pinto reaches her eighteenth birthday, the five wealthy Arizonans who adopted her upon the death of her parents decide that ranch life will never make a lady of her. Their old friend Pop Audry, formerly of Arizona and now a member of New York society, agrees to provide Pinto with the necessary education. Accordingly, Pinto and her cowboy nursemaid Looey are dispatched to New York where they lose Audry's address. They are aided in locating the estate by Bob De Witt, a young neighbor. Audry's haughty wife objects to the cowgirl's presence and moves out of the house. Soon Pinto discovers that her detractor is carrying on an affair with another man and informs Pop Audry of his wife's deception during a Wild West show (2)  that Pinto has staged for Pop's friends. Pop decides to deed the house to his fortune-hunting wife and returns to Arizona with Pinto, who, still a cowgirl, is accompanied by Bob De Witt.


PINTO release date January 1920, © December 9, 1919, 5 reels, Samuel Goldwyn Production


Director. Victor L. Schertzinger, author. Gerald C. Duffy from a story by Victor L. Schertzinger, cinematographer George Webber, Art Director Hugo Ballin


Cast: Mabel Normand (Pinto), Cullen Landis (Bob De Witt) Edward Jobson (Tobey or Looey), George Nich­ols(Pop Audrey) (3), Edith (Edythe) Chapman (Mrs. Audry),

Billy (William) Elmer (Tousy or Lousy, guardian 1 of 5), Andrew Arbuckle (guardian 2 of 5) Richard Cummings, (guardian 3 of 5) George Kunkel, (guardian 4 of 5) John Bur­ton, (guardian 5 of 5)

Other cast members: Manuel R. Ojeda, Joseph Hazelton (4), Dwight (T. D.) Crittenden, Hallam Cooley (Armand Cassel or Cass)


Location: Mojave Desert at Verde (Brown) Ranch and Goldwyn Studio, Culver City California



my little notes:


 (1). Pinto is a lost Goldwyn film

 (2). It is possible that during the Wild West sequence, Will Rogers shows up briefly to do a lariat trick

 (3). George Nichols may have been casted here because of Mabel as he doesn’t seems to have made any other films for Sam Goldwyn Studios

 (4). Josep Hazelton is listed in the January 18, 1920 review of the film in the Syracuse News, New York but not on IMDb which lists William Elmer











Mabel Normand in New Play at Savoy.


Mabel Normand’s newest Goldwyn picture, “Pinto,” opens for three days at the Savoy today (January 18, 1920).  In it, Miss Normand is supported by five of the oldest players in America.  John Burton, Joe Hazelton, Richard Cummings, Andrew Arbuckle and George Kunkel.  In the story they act as the heroine’s guardians, assuming the roles of friendly ranchmen whose mission in life seems in be to worry over the mischievous pranks of their ward.


The theatrical careers of these men range in time from 20 to 52 years it is said that the little star of  “Pinto” has been vastly entertained while on location at the Verdi (Verde Ranch once the Brown Ranch) ranch near the Mojave desert, where many of the scenes are laid, in listening to their stories of stage favorites of years a gone.  “Pinto” so runs the tale is a mischievous little imp, so full of the joy of living that she hasn’t time to be mean or vain, but who finds Bob DeWitt, a young New Yorker, vastly interesting in spite of the fact that he is beautifully innocent regarding the West and its ways.


Then there is “Looey,” who is always good for a laugh.  There’s “Pop Audry” who wears dress clothes and tight pumps when he’d rather be out on his own wide ranch lands without the “harassment o’clothes.”


There are all the characters in “Pinto” which go to make up a real “thriller,” the colorless parasite, the social climber, the horse thief and all the rest.


Mabel Normand is satisfied at present to be a screen actress of no mean popularity, but some day, she threatens, she’s going to forsake the screen.  She is – yes, she is – going to write a book.



















Mojave Desert at Verde (Brown) Ranch, California

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