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Madcap Mabel Normand







Marilyn Slater

photo taken at Pig 'n Whistle by Laura Shepard Townsend

June 17, 2014


In 1930 the servers at the “Pig’n Whistle were described in the same way we might have described them in 2014…”you find that the pretty girls who pour your coffee look with longing eyes towards the studios.” It had opened July 22, 1927 (so Mabel Normand may have gotten a dish of ice cream here.)



When it was still not alright to serve liquor,  places like the Pig’n Whistle bar was for ice cream (there was a backroom bar) and all across the east side of the restaurant were deli cases, selling all kinds of stuff. Look up at the ceiling even today the deep wood carved design still holds some of the original paint.  At different points the signage read “Café” and at others “Bar”
















The crowds that came to star gazes at the Egyptian Theater might not have realized that the side door of the “Pig’n Whistle” enter the courtyard near the theater door. When Helen Mirren star was added to the sidewalk just outside the Pig’n Whistle the star gazers were there too.



 For a very long time between the entrance to the restaurant and the theater was a cement lion, the head was rubbed for luck. The courtyard of the Egyptian also had shops and cafes on the eastside they have come and go but still the Pig’n Whistle stands at 6714 Hollywood Blvd.



There is an IMAGES OF AMERICA book by Veronica Gelakuska: PIG ‘N WHISTLE