Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand


There is a recurring advertisement listing Mabel Normand in the Photoplayers’ Weekly in July 1915 for Joseph A Eliason “Health Builder” (a gym) at the Knickerbockers Building – 643 South Olive Street – with individual instructor -  endorsed by physicians and Charlie Chaplin, Bob Leonard, Cleo Madison , Dustin Farnum, Philip Smalley and yes, Roscoe Arbuckle.  


And a year later “This ad appeared in several July 1916 issues of Photoplayers’ Weekly; Looks like Mabel took some private dance lessons.” – (a gift from Bruce Long)   And Mabel is listed with Ina Claire, Enid Markay, Lillian & Dorothy Gish, Louise Glaum, Bessie Eyton, Signe Auen, Mary Alden and her friend Roszika Dollie (Dolly Sisters).


Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn school was even used by D. W. Griffith, who sent members of his cast, twice a week for general dance and movement lessons.


Marilyn Slater

Looking for Mabel

July 17, 2012