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The question of Mabel Normand date of birth has been answered: Mabel was born November 10, 1893, in New York.



According to the manifest of S.S. Majestic which sailed September 6, 1922 from Charbough, France for New York; on it was Mabel Normand returning from her first trip to Europe.  Her name is on line number 8 as Mable age 25 birth date November 10, 1896 in New York City and her residence is listed as the Ritz Hotel, New York City.



Mabel went back to Europe for Christmas; her 1922 Christmas cards were sent from onboard. Her return trip was on the S.S. Baltic sailing from Liverpool on February 3, 1923 and arriving in New York, February 12.  Both ships were of the White Star Line.



On the Baltic manifest Mabel Normand is on line number 14, she still lists her birth place as New York City but after a few months in Europe she is a year younger she is now 24 here her birth date is November 10, 1897. If we take either of these ages as correct she started films at 12 or 13 years old! Our Mabel was a great spinner of tales.  On the Baltic passenger list Mabel gives her home address as 3089 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California



So Mabel Normand’s birthday was November 10 and the year was 1893.  I now have copies of the 1900 census with the Normand family information; Mabel, age 6 born 1893.  I also have the 1910 census which indicates that Mabel’s age was 17 living with her parents and working as an “artist” as a “poser” (model). 





Yes I also have a copy of the 1920 census, by this time Mabel was living at 3089 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California. This is the address from the White Star Line manifest.  Mabel is now reporting her age as 23; she still lists New York as birth place and is an “Actress Star” of Silent Drama.  There was another person living with Mabel; a nurse by the name of Mary J. Brent.


All this is my silly way of wishing Mabel a happy birthday and giving you a birthday gift of knowing.






1900 Census reads Mabel Normand was born Nov 1893 in June she was just 6 years old when the census was taken 







1910 CENSUS LINE #18





1920 CENSUS LINE #21