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 There is a series of articles titled, “The Colorful and Romantic Story of Wm. D. Taylor’s Remarkable Life” by Truman B. Handy beginning March 18, 1922 – “Movie Weekly” This is just a "story" remember. 

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July 10, 2012



“The tragic death of William D. Taylor, well-known Paramount director, a cultured studious and evidently quiet-living man, has shocked the motion picture colony and the general public.


          The attitude of the picture folks is that of deep sorrow for the loss of one they esteemed.  There is a bitter seriousness in the protest of the producing executives against the sweeping condemnation that is expressed via the newspapers.  Jesse L. Lasky, Vice President of Famous Player-Lasky; Samuel Goldwyn, President of the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, and others, have banded together to get to the bottom of Taylor’s death.  No expense will be spared to prosecute the guilty one.  No expense will be spared to right the entire picture colony – which unfortunately, has been branded by this second disaster within so short a span of time – in the eyes of the public. 

          Movie Weekly” takes the stand of non-partisanship.  Motion pictures and everyone in them are our friends.  The public is our friend.

          The public surely wants to know about Mr. Taylor and what is going on out West.  These reportorial details can be read in the papers from day to day.

          It therefore ill behooves a weekly magazine to poach on newspaper ground.  What “Movie Weekly” is going to do is to publish the life story of William D. Taylor.

          We have authorized a well-known writer to gather this material for us and within the course of a few issues it will be run in from three to four installments.

          Movie Weekly” will not cast opprobrium on the motion picture players, or upon the picture colony.  If there is to be anything said, let it come from the authorities.  We are therefore, expecting soon such a series from people well-known in the industry.  This will give you the real truth of Hollywood by those who know and are fearless enough to say what they know.

          At this writing, the Taylor mystery is unsolved.  Much speculation is heard on all sides.  We refuse to indulge in this pastime.  William d. Taylor’s life has been one of adventure and romance and it will all be told in a vivid and dramatic style in his story as we will publish it in “Movie Weekly.”

          We ask our readers not to turn radically against Hollywood and the motion picture people there.  Keep your head during this crisis and don’t say anything against any man or woman that will shame you when the Taylor mystery is finally solved.

          We reiterate.  Our stand in this case is that of a non-partisan.  What is yours?