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Merrick, Leonard: (1864 – 1939) In 2009 William Baker and Jeannette Tobert Shumaker wrote “Leonard Merrick: A Forgotten Novelists". There are around eleven of his stories that were used in the movies, ‘Conrad in Quest of His Youth’ (1920) was directed by William C. de Mille.  Leonard Merrick was from London and it was written that his view conveyed better than anyone else how dreary and dispiriting an actor's life can be.

J. M. Barrie called him a "novelist's novelist."  It was said of Merrick that no fictionist of his nation was his match, in the excellence of shapeliness or form in the novel. In 1918 fifteen writers, including famous authors such as H. G. Wells, J. M. Barrie, G. K. Chesterton and William Dean Howells, collaborated with publisher E. P. Dutton to issue "The Works of Leonard Merrick" in fifteen volumes, which were published between 1918 and 1922. Each volume in the series was selected and prefaced by one of the writers.




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The Irrepressible One

by Norbert Lusk

Picture-Play Magazine - October 1923