Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

 There’s a sparkle about Mabel Normand.  There’s a gleam and a glitter and a flash.  Humming bird wings and orchids and moonlight on new fallen snow.  Joyous youth and the Rue de la Paix!  Laughter and star shine and April.

 And the clothes of Mabel Normand.  They reflect, as the clear water of a forest spring would reflect, the gladness of her personality.  They, too, gleam and glitter and sparkle.  They scintillate.  Silver brocades, gold embroideries, steel beads, and rhinestones like dewdrops upon a background of lustrous silk.  And all of them are new, and designed especially for the dainty star by the greatest modistes of the world.  For Mabel Normand has just returned from a vacation in Paris, and the clothes came back with her

A gift from John Armijo

March 14, 2012




Silver Turban

Miss Normand’s favorite hat – a tightly wound turban also of (heavy) silver cloth.  She wears this in the evening, and she has several others made after the same fashion.  Of gold tissue, and orange satin, and gorgeous old Paisley.





Silver Gown with Brown Ribbons

A quaint gown of silver cloth, made with a tight basque and the new full skirt – which is slightly longer on the left side than on the right.  The lace is very dark brown, and of cobweb mesh.  And the girdle is made of brown and silver ribbon.  With this costume Miss Normand wears silver slippers and stockings.





Afternoon Gown of Metallic Embroidery

The blouse of this afternoon gown is made of curious all-over metallic embroidery.  Done in antique and green gold on a foundation of chiffon.  The skirt is metallic satin in a dark mixture of gold, silver and steel.  With this gown Miss Normand wears a black hat trimmed with eigrettes and diamond pins, and a gorgeous scarf of silver fox.  Photoplay December 1922, page 36







Silver Evening Cape

An evening cape of silver cloth brocaded in great mauve flowers.  There is a straight panel at the back and the sleeves are in the loose mode of the moment.  The cape is lined with mauve chiffon banded in silver, and the collar is of ostrich, shaded from the palest orchid to a deep rich purple.   Photoplay December 1922, page 36







Heavy Crepe Street Costume

Of a simplicity that is a clever mixture of sophistication and extreme girlishness, this street costume is very dear to Mabel Normand’s heart.  It is made of an extremely heavy crepe-back satin, in a golden cocoa shade.  The sleeves are skillfully draped, and the long tassels are of chenille.  Photoplay December 1922, page 36








Brown Velvet Hat

 A hat almost audacious in its youth and coloring.  Of a ruddy brown velvet that reminds one of autumn leaves that have died and gone to Heaven.  The scarf tired in a loose bow on the right side, is of real lace of golden cocoa color Photoplay December 1922, page 37





Pearl Grey Afternoon Coat

 A pearl grey afternoon coat that follows the Russian line.  The bloused upper part is embroidered in steel nail heads, and the unique sleeves are looped up with great steel buckles.  The long skirt is very plain, and the material is Canton crepe.  The wee toque, worn with this coat, is demurely trimmed with a design in grey silk.  Photoplay December 1922, page 37


 Miss Normand was so enchanted with this wrap that she bought two of them! Of a soft and heavy Canton crepe in dead white, with three rows of silk fringe, each row a foot deep.  The collar is made of monkey fur.  With this wrap she wears a sleeveless crepe dance frock, embroidered in iridescent pearls and tiny rhinestones.  The skirt is scalloped and the girdle is an embroidered one.