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The LIBERTY Magazine article is the nearest thing we have to an autobiography even through in was published posthumously it is obviously written with Mabel’s input.  The tone of the article is very gentle and reflects Sutherland affection towards Mabel during the time they both knew she was dieing. 

Frankly there are a number of factual errors but Mabel never let reality get in the way of a good story.  One of these days I will go through it and make notes where she or Sutherland has gone off the straight and narrow line of truth. William Thomas Sherman has this same material in his Mabel Normand Source Book.  All the typos are mine!


For the most part if you were sitting with Mabel during the months at Pottenger’s TB Sanatorium as she grow weaker and she was telling you about herself this is what she would have told you.  So read this as if she is talking to you. 


You might want to read it in a number of short visits or even print it out as it is rather long to read at one setting.  As Mabel tells her story, she also shows you a number of little photos which are included by Sutherland in the article.  As I put this together (it was a lot of work) I became very near to understanding how she felt about her life and think as you read it you will understand Mabel a little better.








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