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Joseph Diskay

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Marilyn Slater


 April 30, 2015


Joseph Diskay was a celebrated Hungarian tenor, who came to New York after World War One.  In a July 4, 1923 VERIRTY he was part of the Keith Vaudeville Circuit.  According to a mini bio at IMDb, he sang at the Metropolitan Opera.  In 1923 he recorded a Hungarian folksong (“Betty don’t Cry”). There is also a reference to his dubbing “Kol Nidre” in the Al Jolson, “The Jazz Singer” (1927). You can hear his “Betty Don’t Cry”

 at https://archive.org/details/DiskayJozsefBozsiNeSirjon1923

 In later years he became a voice coach with a studio on Sunset Blvd. where the famous went as radio and television demanded performers with quality voices.  Joseph’s great niece included Chief Thundercloud (Tonto) as one of his successful students.

 Joseph sang mood music on movie sets during the silent era, dubbed voices during transition to sound and taught stars to sing and oh yes, dated Mary Miles Minter.