Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand








Dedicated to That Artist of the Screen; Mabel Normand Now appearing; In the Goldwyn picture JINX



Lyric and Music by

CARRIER-WORRELL (Lola Carrier Worrell)

Copyright 1919 by JEROME H REMICK & CO, Detroit & New York


First verse


You’ve all heard of a word

That means ev-ry kind of trouble

Jinx is that Hoo-die-oo-dle-oo-die – lum

But hear

Of a dear

Sweet neat little peach-e-rin-o girlie

I a – dore __

Second verse

Don’t be blue

If to you

Comes a day with-out the sun-shine

Jinx is the Hoo-die-oo-dle-oo-die – lum


One and all

That dear little peach-e-rin-o girl whom

We a – dore __



She want-ed a kingdom all her owe

With a throne not a-lone

But her day dreams al-ways seemed full of kinks

So her friend just called her Jinx Jinx

Jinx when her days went all awry

Would not cry Only sigh

Then she’d buck up and say this little miss

(spoken) WELL I’ll put the cricks in the Jinx

By Jinx

For Jinx


William Thomas Sherman

on keybroad


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