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August 10 2014 UPDATE

The website: THE GOLDEN AGE OF IRENE…looks fabulous.


The video of Virginia Fisher is wonderful as is the information but we don’t see Frank Billecci … John La Novara speaks Frank’s words as  continuity between Virginia talking in a classroom At about 14 minutes into the video where the gossip begins with the spit screen begins…Virginia talking of problem between studio and stars, brilliant.  And a trunk full of 300 drawings!  I want to see the next book. 



For over 10 years I have been friends with a remarkable man named Frank Billecci with a passion for fashion designer, IRENE Lentz-Jones-Gibbons or as we know her just irene. The first time we met was at the Margaret Herrick Library but we had been emailing back and forth before that.


Frank started his academic career writing articles specializing in archaeological and biblical reports, writing curriculum guides as part of the National Science Foundation and teaching writing at UC Davis but he is not a dry academic, far from it! 


He is in award winning designer in his own right; in Hollywood between 1983 – 1992, his work on “Showgirls” receiving the “Dramalogue Critics Award and it was Frank that was the designer of “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, the TV series and he did a lot of designs for stage, television and independent films. Oh, yes even nominated for the NAACP Image Award.


And now he is the author of “irene a designer from the Golden Age of Hollywood: The MGM Years 1942-1949.


The fabulous copy of the book he wrote with Lauranne B. Fisher is here and I am reading it, WOW! What a beauty, thanks to Schiffer. The images, the insightful narrative and the filmology, notes and it even has an index.


Did you know that ‘irene’ was F. Richard Jones wife and was an extra in Molly O’ and went on to appear as a Sennett Bathing Beauty!

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July 15, 2014





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