Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand



Posted December 12, 2011

By Marilyn Slater

In an interview done in early 1920 at the Goldwyn Studios in Culver City that was published in the Anaconda Stander, Mabel said and I quote I didn’t have one bit of stage experience before I went into pictures”…”I used to pose for illustrators in New York, principally James Montgomery Flagg and Charles Dana Gibson.  You’d get $1.50 for the morning and $1.50 for the afternoon.


         “Haven’t you seen those Gibson drawings of the girl with a chain and pearl pendant around her neck? He had a contract for drawing covers for one big magazine and double pages for another.  I was the model.”

She spoke of others things and I have posted the complete article in the reprint section at Looking for Mabel, soon but I am researching her modeling career so found the pay of particular interest.  $3 would amount to about $65 for a days work…it was not going to make her rich.

                Now the question is has anyone a copy of the Gibson drawing of the girl with a chain and pearl pendant?