Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand



(1918 GOLDWYN)

"Much of the fun of bring a motion picture star though there are those who will say otherwise is that one is the center, upon occasion of so admiring group of worshipers willing to put up with any sort of discomfort to catch a glimpse of the object of their affection.  This crown waited more than an hour on a chilly side street in uptown New York one night recently to see Mabel Normand flee from doorway to a taxicab while the camera recorded the scene for her new Goldwyn Picture The Floor Below.


This photo is a gift from William Thomas Sherman, author of Mabel Normand Source Book.  He saw it on an eBay auction, won it, and sent me the original to post for us all to enjoy.  It truly does reflect the interest in Mabel Normand.  The willingness of fans to stand on a cold winter night just to see her run by is important to remember. The Floor Below © March 7, 1918 Goldwyn. (Thanks, William it is nicer then the scan on eBay.)