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updated April 27 2015

 This loverly piece is NOT at the Coca-Cola Gift Shop has this for sale.



Cecera Collection




I know a guy, well, he is actual a good friend.  He called me Tuesday night to chat about this and that and in passing told me about something he had found on eBay… “Sweet Coca Cola Collectible Tin w/Nostalgic Charm… Measuring 6” by 5” by 3”, it’s a pretty tin.”


The image on the tin looked familiar to Rudy and he placed a small bid, he won it for $12.  Sure enough, it was indeed Mabel Normand sitting in the sand sipping a coca.  Our Mabel turns up in the most interesting places. Now she is sitting on a shelf at Rudy’s place.


Posted on February 28, 2006 at 3:12 AM


The True Story of a Great Comedienne


          by Sidney Sutherland in Liberty September 6, 1930


This is an excerpt from a very long article which is in the William Thomas Sherman book  


"The first artist I posed for was Hamilton King," she (Mabel) began. He used me the first morning to illustrate an advertisement.





 Hamilton King

 used Mabel in




 "I made money, too, at the commercial photographers. posing for newspaper and magazine advertisements. There was tremendous variety in this: hats, cold cream, hairbrushes, shoes, stockings, combs, hair tonics, hair nets, veils, gloves, satchels, lingerie, umbrellas, necklaces, frocks, evening wraps, furs, bracelets  --  everything the world at large pauses to glance at in that shop window of life known as advertising....