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1915 March 15 Doted on Boxers








Mabel Normand and Frankle Dolan.


1915 March 15 in the Reno Evening Gazette

 Los Angeles, Cal., March 18 –

     Mabel Normand, vivacious comedienne with the Keystone Moving Picture company,is an ardent boxing fan, one of the many women of the West who take a deep interest in the events of fistiana and its heroes.

     A sportswoman through and through, this plucky film star admits she’d rather witness a clean-cut sparring exhibition than hear Caruso sing, for instance.

     “Of course, I can’t see many bouts,” Mabel explained, “but recently we had one of the cleverest boxers in our studio here in the person of Frankie Dolan.  I just doted on him while he was in training.  And I certainly felt disappointed when Frankie left the company’s employ.”

     Dolan participated in many four-round amateur bouts here and in San Francisco.  When Carlie (sp Charlie) Chaplin left the Keystone service he took Dolan with him.

     In addition to her interest in boxing and boxers, Miss Normand is an experienced horsewoman, loves automobile racing and owns three cars.

RENO EVENING GAZETTE, Monday, March 15, 1915



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