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            Mabel Normand had to forget her fear of Spanish influenza on Tuesday and kiss a man she never saw before in her life. She didn't know whether he had been exposed to the now fashionable influenza, had just recovered from it, or whether he was sound, safe and fancy free. Being patriotic, Miss Normand forgot to ask any of these questions before she bestowed the kiss. She was selling Liberty Loan bonds in the Morning Telegraph booth, when a man in the crowd at Madison Square Garden called: “Give us a kiss for a bond, Mabel?”

            “How large a bond,” asked the wise Miss Mabel.

            The laugh which greeted this question had the desired re­sult, and the unknown man promptly replied a $1000 bond. The bond was delivered and so was the kiss.

            It was demonstrated that two stars can work better than one on Tuesday evening when Harold Lockwood and Mabel Normand boosted the sale close to the $20,000 mark. This indefatigable team accomplished wonders. The women bought from Mr. Lockwood and the men flocked to the side of Miss Normand.

            John C. Flinn was seen in the crowd and was invited to come in our booth. Did he leave without buying a bond? He did not - not after Mabel Normand saw him. Neither did John Flinn, who has been one of the most patriotic workers for the Fourth Liberty Loan in the industry, try to escape the wiles of Miss Mabel. He willingly, nay, gladly, parted with his money and paid cash for one of the precious liberty-saving papers.

New York Morning Telegraph, October 10, 1918

















 This photo was used to promote Pinto (Goldwyn 1920)

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