Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand




November 5, 1922

International Feature Service





Transcribed & photos added by

Marilyn Slater

May 10, 2012


Mabel Normand was asked about awkward moments and here is what she laughingly told us:


“During my short stay in New York City, while en route from Europe to Los Angeles, a friend of mine who has a studio in Greenwich Village invited me to occupy her little home in her absence.

“It was a cute place.  In the back there was a large community garden a block long, shared by the artists and writers in common, and before each house was a small plot of ground in which the tenants could plant, sow and reap as their fancy dictated.

“An Italian, who looked like a deposed European king in disguise, attended to the garden, did chores about the various houses and acted as iceman

“One day when my maid was out I discovered we had no ice, and looking out of the window I saw him digging in the yard next door

“I called out, as per instruction ‘Oh Mike!’

“But he went on digging, paying not the slightest attention though he must have heard.  In order to save my butter and melons and other contents of the icebox from heat prostration, I hastened down into the garden and approached the exasperatingly oblivious ‘Mike’

“Will you please get me some ice? I demanded haughtily.

“Slowly he straightened up, leaned on the hoe he was digging with took off his hat politely and looked at me in surprise

’Why, er – certainly,’ he said.

“Just then a lady came out of the house and addressed him

’Oh, Count,’ she said ‘I wouldn’t dig in this heat if I were you.  Here’s Mike coming along; let him do it’

’I was just inquiring for Mike, myself,’ I explained sweetly, and I never did find out whether the Count had realized the mistake I had made.”