Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

UPDATE - MAY 5, 2015

Found and Shared by Wm Thomas Sherman






(Keystone 1912)


Directed by Mack Sennett


Mabel Normand:              Mrs. Smith

Fred Mace:                       Sleuth (1)

Mack Sennett:                  Sleuth (2)

Ford Sterling:                   Police Chief Larkin

Alice Davenport:              Woman



Mrs. Smith (Mabel Normand) hires Sleuths (Mack Sennett and Fred Mace) to follow Mr. Smith, who she thinks is seeing another woman.  The sleuths mistake Police Chief Larkin (Ford Sterling) as Mr. Smith and the fun & frolics begins.  Filmed in Southern California ½ reel (555 ft.) released November 4, 1912.



a special thanks to Bruce Long for the 1912 photo from "At It Again"