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2017 Visit to Calvary

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I took wild roses to Mabel Normand;s crypt

on Mabel Normand's Birthday visit 

Jan 16, 2016 Mack Sennett documentary

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It was fun to be back in Mabel's studio, it had been a working studio for 100 years



and a few others from others

I am Looking for Mabel

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I added a new banner on my FACE-BOOK page


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Cocaine Syrup in Bogg's Port

Nick Pinhey wrote us a note that I wanted to share… - the Cosadein ad is from the 1930's, therefore it would have required a prescription. But, I failed to note it contained cannabis... Interestingly, the ads say it was exempt front narcotic regulation. He also found it as early 1900's due to having 1907 and 1927 Sears’s catalogs. The 1907 version had lots of patent medicines with ingredients that would be illegal today. By 1927, the patent medicines containing cocaine, heroin and other drugs were gone from the Sears catalog, mainly, no doubt, to the Pure Food and Drug Act and cocaine being banned/regulated in 1914. One had to have a doctor prescribe cocaine after 1914 (if memory serves). Of course, Mabel’s doctor would have given it to her.

Anyway, it was amazing how many brands of coca wine were being sold in the late 19th century through the early 1900's. And take a look at this patent cough syrup (attached) - codeine with chloroform over the counter - get it by the gallon! That ought to control a cough.


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Saturday, October 10, 2015 I was over at the HOTEL BEL AIR, for an afternoon TEA and a discussion about Mabel Normand, it was fabulous. Wolfgang Puck is the chef there;

TEA began at 3:30 with all kinds of dainty sandwiches, exquisite scones, and delicate nibbles and bites of little cakes and sweets and yes pot after pot of tea.

My hostesses had traveled over 5,000 miles to let me chatter. At some point we moved to a lovely spot on a patio. By 9 pm we were all sensory overloaded, I had a grand time and a brilliant TEA with charming, delightful Mabel aficionados.

88 years of Remembering Valentino

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The 88th Valentino Memorial will focus on the "The Eagle" (1925) and Tracy Terbune will display some of the fabulous pieces related to the film will be on hand for viewing. Filled with videos, song, poetry and tribute, the Valentino Memorial is the oldest continuing annual event in Hollywood history.

YouTube has a number of uploads, you might like to watch it again.

The Eagle (1925) - YouTube


“An adaptation of Alexander Pushkin's 1835, DUBROVSKY, about a nobleman turned bandit.”

The day to remember will be August 23, 2015 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery; 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 90038 (between Gower St. and Van Ness Ave.) The service starts at 12:10pm (the time that Valentino passed a way) and admission is free.

= = =

It might be that even the grande dame 0f all things Valentino may in fact make an appearance. It is time to order the 2016 Valentino calendar and it you don’t yet own Donna Hill’s 2010; RUDOLPH VALENTINO THE SILENT IDOL HIS LIFE IN PHOTOGRAPHS, you can ask her how to get a copy. Donna is highly admired and respected

= = =

What I have written about Memorial Services

VALENTINO 86th Memorial Service 2013 - http://looking-for-mabel.webs.com/valentino86thmemorial.htm

VALENTINO 87th Memorial Service 2014 - http://looking-for-mabel.webs.com/valentino87thmemorial.htm

1925 painting:

VALENTINO'S 1925 painting BACK FALCON http://looking-for-mabel.webs.com/blackfalconpainting.htm

1915 Romaine Fielding - THE VALLEY OF LOST HOPE

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Scene near Phillipsburg Pennsylvania just after ROMAINE FIELDING, Lublin director had smashed two trains in a head-on collision for his picture “THE VALLEY OF LOST HOPE.” (1915)



Romaine FIELDING  


Diving Girl (Biograph 1911)

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In August 1911, Mack Sennett took Mabel Normand, (and maybe Donald Crisp, Guy Hedlund, Joe Graybill, and Grace Henderson) for a swim at Huntington, Long Island, NY.  Although it is dated August, it may have been done over the 4th of July holiday. Mabel dives and swims and laughs in 500 feet of film Biograph documented her skill in the water. Wm Thomas Sherman sent this to me to share, the print is at MoMA, you can watch it on YouTube, no music background but frankly I kind of like it without music, but I don’t think it shows Fred Mace and Del Henderson but I could be wrong take a look and let me know what you think…DIVING GIRL (Biograph 1911)


April 27 Travel with Brian Unger

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What a joy to have the public see "OUR WORLD." It is good to share and time travel.

Monday April 27 at 10 PM Pacific on Travel Channel


Minta Durfee's estate

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Paul E. Gierucki on April 10, 2015 wrote.

“For several weeks I have been alluding to a major discovery: Over the last few months we (Lisa Tatge, David B. Pearson, John Andrew Coryell, Howard Prouty, and Brittany Jane Valente) have taken possession of the previously unknown and completely undocumented estate of MINTA DURFEE ARBUCKLE! The estate consists of hundreds of unpublished letters, documents, contracts, telegrams, candids / behind-the-scenes stills, handwritten manuscripts, over 12 hours of recorded audio interviews with Minta and other family members, costumes, personal items, and much more. There is even an original derby worn by Roscoe. This collection is absolutely massive, rivaling my own 17 years of extraordinary acquisitions. At present, the materials are being cataloged, and we are collaborating with the great Howard Prouty to DONATE the world's largest Arbuckle archive to AMPAS upon publication of the book…Additional love for David Pearson who will be suffering through another round of revisions to my book -- and the 3 part documentary series which shall follow. It simply does not get any more amazing than this.”

And yes, according to a personal note from Paul, It covers Minta’s entire life -- with a lot of new Mabel stuff too!