Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand




3rd film


Copyright: December 31, 1926, Hal Roach-Pathe, 2 reels.


Release Date: January 2, 1927


Director: Hal Yates


Cast: Mabel Normand, James Finlayson, Max Davidson, Teeodore von Eltz, Nora Hayden, Von Sevefertitz, Leo White.


Location: Roach Studio, Culver City, California




Plot:  Mabel is a laundress for a fancy dress shop.  The rich hero sees her in a borrowed costume, which she wears to the ball.  She is exposed but he marries her anyway.


Comments:  Publicity for this film was extensive.  Mabel dolls in the fancy costume from the ball were marketed.  At the Max Factor Hollywood Museum there is still a photo that was used in an advertising campaign Mabel undertook with Max Factor.


On September 18 when Mabel Normand and Lew Cody were married and she is reported to be working on Anything Once; so this was her third film for Hal Roach. 


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