Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand


A Remembering 2013 -  Today Bruce Long sent us something he found in the March 1, 1930 Hollywood Filmograph by Harry Burns.  It is a short obituary…

Marilyn Slater

Looking for Mabel

February 6, 2013




When you know one as well as we have known the true Mabel Normand, you can’t help but say that words fail us at this time to pay the tribute that is worthy to such a great friend of the motion picture industry as she has proven herself to be at a time that the industry needed personalities and friends to carry it over the rocky roads.

 Mabel Normand never hurt a living soul.  She worked – yes, slaved – to give happiness to the world.  She gave her all – dollars, times, efforts, love, devotion – in fact it would be hard to describe what Mabel Normand has meant to us all.  SHE IS NO LONGER IN OUR MIDST – BUT HER MEMORY WILL REMAIN AS LONG AS MOTION PICTURES DO IN THIS OLD WORLD OF OURS.

           The darling of the screen, the king’s jester – she had a heart of gold that never tarnished, even when she was so sick that she no longer realized what was going on about her.  MABEL NORMAND, you are not gone; just away, to carry on in the unknown land your great work, which no one else can fill but you – your place will always remain in our hearts, your loyal worshipers, your friends and admirers, and we know you are still the Queen of Entertainers where you are today.