Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

After I decided to make a pilgrimage on “a day to remember” after all it was one of the pivot points in Mabel Normand’s life; I ran into the problem of what flowers do I take to the William Desmond (Tanner) Taylor crypt? The pink roses in my garden are pretty but not for WDT (he needed a bird of paradise)

The Hollywood (Forever) Cemetery is located near the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Gower Street, north of the Paramount Studio lot

Ninety years ago it was a relatively new cemetery the fences between the back lot of Paramount and the graves are too close for comfort.

The mausoleum now looks it’s almost hundred years, the steps slopes a little the marble has aged but 90 years ago it was sharp and bright.

The door is bronze and substantial; the pillars tall and imposing

The windows bring the outside in, well the light from outside, they are gorgeous and the use of blue is fantastic, here are four of them.

 Flanking the entrance to the hall leading to William Desmond Taylor’s crypt are 2 larger than life statues

The wall is full of crypts most are dated after 1922, when WDT was placed in the wall he would have been surrounded with gleaming white marble. His is in the second row: space 593

 There is an ancient tale told about Charon, the ferryman that rows the dead across the River Styx and the dead must pay, or wander for 100 years, some kind soul has left WDT coins for a safe journey.

On the anniversary of WDT funeral, his friends left flowers Oh, yes just outside the mausoleum a lovely white feather was waiting for me to place with the bird of paradise.