Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand


This article is a prime example of the jolly little stories that fan magazines were known to tell with just

 a dash of fact and a brunch of  mirthful myth.  Mabel Normand and Lew Cody were married September

15, 1926 while Mabel was working for Hal Roach, she retired  after completing “Should Men Walk

Home?” in 1927 as you know, Mabel was having health problems and by the time this article was

written in 1928 she was a private citizen and Lew was a movie star. 




Transcribed by

Marilyn Slater

Looking for Mabel

February 28, 2012

(gift from John Armijo)


When Lew Cody was on vaudeville tour in Kansas City, a young boy asked him to endorse a picture.


I’m coming to Hollywood some day,” the lad boasted.

“Come and see me,” Lew responded kindly.

The other morning Mabel Normand answered the door of the Cody home.  Lew was on location.

      On the steps stood a small bedraggled person.  Portions of the rear of his trousers were missing; his toes came through his shoes.





“Are you Mrs. Cody?”  Mabel nodded, “I’m Cordill Tray.  Mr. Cody asked me to come and visit him,” and the lad produced the autographed picture as his card of introduction.

He had walked to Hollywood from Kansas City.

MABEL bought him a new suit, fed him five orders of bacon and eggs at one sitting and gave him a place to sleep until her husband’s return.  Now he is working in the Cody household.  “The telephone boy” they call him.


Now don’t start a stampede west, boys, for Cody says he is finished.  He has seven such people on his pay-roll already.  When he goes to the studio his entrance is in the way of a procession.  Directly behind the actor walks the chauffeur, an ex-service man.  Then Mortimer Snow, once a well-known actor, now custodian of Lew’s dog.  Then Cordill carrying the telephones number.  The generosity of Mabel and Lew is not just a legend.