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Madcap Mabel Normand


In the Variety, July 23, 1924 there was a story titled, Sennett Says Mabel Normand Will Work, “Mack Sennett on returning from a fishing trip denied he had broken his business connections with Mabel Normand because of the Greer-Dines shooting. He asserts that as long as the public continues to demand her pictures his company will keep his company will keep her in their employ.

          According to his present plans, Sennett says he will present Miss Normand in “Mary Ann,’ which she was to have done prior to “The Extra Girl.”

          Sennett would not admit or deny that Miss Normand is no longer under contract to him, and that she is simply employed from picture to picture, or when he finds it convenient. Reports have it, however, that she is at the present time considering offers made by a number of producers.”


I found the original press release that Sennett sent out from the Publicity Department as it is particularly important to me to find the primary source of the stories about Mabel Normand whenever I can. So although, this is a rather unimportant story in itself but it is so nice to have found its beginning. It was in the Special Collections at the Herrick, file # 1076, one of the Triangle period folders.   





Mack Sennett, producer of Sennett Comedies, who returned yesterday from a fishing trip in the Santa Barbara channel, issued the following statement relative to the future relations of Mabel Normand and his company:


“A misapprehension has been brought about by the publication of a story to the effect that we have canceled Mabel Normand from all our motion picture plans and have rescinded her contract.”


“The fact is, we have no contract with Miss Normand.  About once a year, we have made a picture with Miss Normand as the star.  Each of these pictures has been a matter of separate and independent negations between ourselves and Miss Normand.  She has never been under contract except for the period of each of these pictures.”













“From time to time, we have come into possession of stories like “Mickey” and “Molly-O” and “Suzanna” which were particularly adapted to Miss Normand’s personality, and we have been fortunate in securing her services to play in them.  The latest of these was “The Extra Girl,” which is proving to be one of the most successful of her pictures.”


“Miss Normand is possibly conceded by the world to be the greatest comedienne on the screen.  She has a remarkable sense of humor; an original and unhackeyed method, and is in every way a great actress.”


“Just as long as the public continues to demand Miss Normand, this company will continue to employ her services whenever possible, and as often as we can find suitable vehicles.”


“We are now considering “Mary Ann” and various other stories for Miss Normand.  If these stories stand the test of our scenario requirement and if they also fit in with Miss Normand’s plans, we shall certainly avail ourselves of her services.”