Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

A note that Bruce Long found in "Close-Up", March 5, 1923, a poem by editor Marshall Lorimer to welcome Mabel Normand back to Hollywood from Europe. She had left for Europe June 13, 1922 and came back February 13, 1923. At Sennett Studio she began working.

Marilyn Slater


October 26, 2015



















“Now as far as I am able – I can only tell you, MABEL,

I’m mighty glad to see you back again.

Somehow this ANGEL CITY seemed quite empty, “twas a pity.

Your lonesome loyal friends sought you in vain.


I read of your exploits abroad, Oh how a Marquis or a Lord,

Were paying homage to your fame and Art,

But somehow – something told me - -

That the Lady who made


Would “heart-free” from those

Shores, in time, depart.

FRIEND – while you were

Gone – “SUZANNA”

Kept us company in the manner

And made us all see what a SOUL, you had.

This cheered in a manner speaking,

For it did “the bit” in keeping

Alright the tender speck for a Comrade.



This is indeed your Banner Year!

The HEART of California

Pours out its wealth to you on your return.

All the Floral Tributes offered

And less fragrant than what’s covered

In Hearts of Friends you day by day discern