Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand


Gary Post-Tribune, February 3, 1922


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Marilyn Slater

Looking for Mabel

March 17, 2010

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Music Mabel's Best Director

If you want to be a vamp --

Or a wild woman --

Or a baby doll –

Or any of the other things you see in the movies  -- you can!


At least so says Mabel Normand, screen star.

       All you've got to do, according to Miss Normand, is practice to appropriate music.

       “Music,” she says, “will do anything to me. If I come to the studio feeling particularly upstage and patrician  --  I suppose there is such a feeling as patrician?  --  the sound of a little tough music will set my heart to jigging, my feet to wiggling and my pulses to jumping. In a trice, I am lifted out of my ladylike languor into the person the music is talking about. The minuet-ty type of melody has just the opposite effect. Right away it slows me down, puts my best manners in place, and there I am  -- a perfect lady.”

       Which is why, out of the album of what she calls her “mood music,” pretty Mabel chose When Francis Dances With Me” to be played while she made “Molly-O,” her new First National picture.

       Molly  --  well Molly is the sort of girl to whose name shocked relatives invariably -- and with good reason --  add the exclamation oh!

       As for Francis -- it is of his dancing prowess that the “goils” of Tenth Avenue and the Bowery sing in a melody that has won the shimmying heels of all New York.

       So they played “Francis” for three months while Mabel made ‘Molly O.’ “I never tired of it once,” says Mabel. “It was the best director I ever had.”