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Hollywood, California





She once lived on the corner of Marathon & Melrose Hill. In 1915 her home was described as a big two-story house in a

semi-colonial style.









In 1918 Mabel lived on the second floor of the Baltic Apartments, 1127 Orange Street, Hollywood (the building has been replaced).














In 1922 at the time of William D. Taylor's death, Mabel lived at 3089 West 7th Street. (now a shopping mall).



















Altadena House



1159 Altadena Blvd. (was Foothill Blvd. until 1950s), Altadena California

Mabel's home during aftermath of Taylor affair.


Pottenger’s Sanitarium

600 block North Canyon, Monrovia, California



The last place she lived Mabel died there February 1930

(now a up scale housing development)