Looking for Mabel Normand

Madcap Mabel Normand

1920 July,

Motion Picture Classic,

page 88

 Motor-Cycle Mabel


Caption from photos


(1)     One of Mabel Normand’s pet hobbies is motor-cycling and she spends all her spare time away from the Goldwyn Studios upon her trusty Indian







(2)     “The continuity of this machine is all wrong,” mutters Miss Normand. “Let’s give it a close-up. . . . Here’s where I fade out to the book of instructions!”




(3)     Stunts mean nothing in Miss Normand’s life.  Isn’t she a graduate of film farce, where one took one’s life in one’s hand – as it were – every day in the week?




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October 28, 2015

…and a little more on the post on Mabel and motorcycles from Nicholas Pinhey. “The young lady in the photo is Iris Shellard and the photo was taken in Canada in 1911 or 1912 (per the other photos in the album).  He has not been able to identify the manufacturer of the motorcycle (the photo is too fuzzy). It's a neat v-twin with the "tiller" handlebars typical of the era.


Nick is a vintage motorcycle buff.  I know quite a bit about vintage motorcycles as I restore selected models, but I my knowledge of antique motorcycles is not as good.  I am a fan of the old Indian motorcycles.   


At any rate, the photo of Iris on her boyfriend's motorcycle (1911/1912) – shows her as quite the adventurer, a real fire-cracker.  The motorcycle she is sitting on is interesting as it is set up with a "skirt guard" on the rear wheel and a foot rest so the proper Edwardian English lady passenger can ride side-saddle and not get her skirts caught in the spokes!  So civilized!  One still sees these set-ups in India where they are now referred to as "Sari guards".